Wildlife Worlds-Adventures in Nature Productions is dedicated to creating compelling wildlife and people stories ranging from America's wilderness to the African Plains, from India to the Arctic circle. Our goal is to bring our audience closer to wildlife, introducing them to adventure in remote locations.

CEO and Executive Producer Carol Amore is an experienced wildlife photographer and high definition cinematographer with over twenty-five years of experience traveling the world and capturing images in the field. Her commitment to exploration is the driving force behind the company. TIGERS - Traveling Museum Exhibition (Touring January 2008) is a sensory-stimulating tiger tracking adventure that takes visitors on a journey by immersing them in a rich environment of multi-tiered interactives that blend science, biology, ecology, geography and natural history through the use of state-of-the-the-art sound and visual technologies that include rare high definition tiger and Indian wildlife footage.

Tigers-Tracking a Legend is her award-winning high definition film following the lives of a wild Bengal tigress and her two cubs in the Indian jungle. Sony Wonder Technology's HD Theater in NYC premiered and premiered this tiger film. "20 Ways To Track A Tiger" is her acclaimed photography book which won the 2004 Independent Publisher's Best Animal Book Award. For a list of awards, click here.


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20 Ways to Track a Tiger- Book Signing Event